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What are your conditions of carriage / trading terms?
BIFA 2005a - see
Do you automatically Insure all cargo that you move?
No, any cargo carried is subject to our conditions of carriage/terms of trading. We can however arrange to insure your goods on an "all risks" policy for a small additional cost.
Do you handle Household moves to/from Europe in addition to normal commercial items?
Yes, but only smaller items that must be packed. We ask the client to load and offload their items at either end, as we are a transport company, not a removal company.
Do you transport cars to/from Europe?
Yes, but as with personal items above, we ask the client to load/unload, so a ramp must be made available.
Do you collect or must we deliver to you?
We can collect from your premises, or to reduce the cost, you are welcome to deliver to our depot.
Can you collect shipments for more than one Overseas Destination on the same truck?
Yes, we can collect cargo on one vehicle destined for anywhere in the World, break bulk in our Heathrow terminal to connect with all our European/Worldwide services.
Do you have representation in the Country of destination?
Yes, representation is generally situated in the Capital of each Country, however in some Countries, there are also agencies in the provincial Capitals.
What sort of Customers do you have?
FGI deals with a broad range of customers, from private individuals, to medium/large Corporations, shipping pharmaceuticals, Automotive parts, Intra European airport/airport trucking, printed matter, if its packed, we can transport it!.
Do you handle Hazardous cargo?
Yes to some destinations. please check with our Operations department for further details.
What is a Loading Metre of a trailer, and what is the allowance?
We have to charge for "loading metres occupied" on a trailer when freight cannot have other goods loaded on top of them. This is based on the width/length of the vehicle occupied, and equates as 1 x loading metre = 1750kgs
What are the different pallet dimensions you carry?
We can of course transport most pallet sizes, but the more common ones have base dimensions of;
Euro pallet 120 x 80 cms,
UK pallet 120 x 100cms,
US pallet 120 x 120 cms.
What are the typical internal dimensions (L x W x H) of an International trailer?
There are several different types of trailer, however, as a basic guide;
Tautliner = 13.4 x 2.50 x 2.60
Megatrailer= 13.4 x 2.50 x 3.00
Refrigerated ; 13.4 x 2.50 x 2.60.
How do you calculate the chargeable weight equivalent for light/volume cargo?
If you wish to transport volume goods (by road), a basic rule is divide the cubic metres by 3, to give you the weight equivalent. ie a shipment of 6.5m3 has a chargeable weight of 2200kg (we round up the kilos to the nearest 100kgs). However, by airfreight you divide by 6, and by sea divide by 1.