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Freight Forwarders in Gibraltar: FGI Gibraltar Services

Whether by air or road, FGI provides daily groupage and freight forwarding services to and from Heathrow to Gibraltar.

Our Gibraltar specialist team provides a professional and personalised service to each client to make sure that all consignments arrive at the chosen destination without delay.
Consolidation hubs and departure schedules
Our groupage hub is centrally located in Gibraltar to provide easy access for collection or onward delivery.

Receiving Depots & DestinationDeparture DaysIndicative Service Levels
Heathrow - GIB Friday 3 Days
Groupage vehicles
FGI has access to a wide range of vehicles and aircraft to suit all types and sizes of consignments.

13.6m Trailers 90 Cubic Metres 24 / 25,000 Kilos Limits
13.6m Mega Trailer 100 Cubic Metres 20 / 24,000 Kilos Limits
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Freight Forwarders in Gibralter

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