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Repatriation Services

FGI Tranquil. Professional and Sensitive Worldwide Repatriation Services

The word “repatriation” originates from the Latin term repatriare and refers to the process of returning a persons body to their country of citizenship or origin.

FGI now offer repatriation services for Funeral Professionals, Funeral Directors and Funeral Services. We call it  FGI – Tranquil.

Our very experienced team offer a personal professional service conducted with dignity and respect, to ensure that the deceased arrives at the destination airport without delay.

We offer a complete service to you so once you have entrusted us with your business you can leave the rest to us. We ensure constant contact with the airline until safe arrival at the chosen destination.

We can deliver your Air waybill direct to the airline at London Heathrow airport or to your offices, whichever is your preferred choice.

The prices we quote are both competitive and ‘all-in’ so there are no hidden costs involved. Prices quoted are for a total weight of no more than 150kilos.

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